David Machemer and Samantha Breslow Present “Managing Exemptions and Resale Certificates” on Lorman – 7/13/18


1:00pm-2:40pm EST

Lorman Education Services Webinar
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Determining eligibility for sales tax exemptions and navigating the application process can prove to be difficult for taxpayers who do business in multiple states and jurisdictions. This live webinar will help attendees understand the difference between an item that is excluded from sales tax versus an item that is exempt from sales tax, and the associated burden of meeting this under judicial scrutiny. In the context of sales tax exemptions, attendees will also learn the three main categories of exemptions: use-based, product-based and buyer-based exemptions. Further, the webinar will walk participants through the often-complicated process of applying for an exemption certificate and the proper information that must be completed for a seller to be eligible.

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