David Hughes Presented Classes as an Instructor for the Sales Tax Institute’s Advanced Workshop

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David Hughes via the Sales Tax Institute, presented classes "Construction Industry Update" and "Breaking Down Local Taxes: Compliance & Audit Challenges" as an instructor.

David presented "Construction Industry Update" on 4/20/21 and "Breaking Down Local Taxes: Compliance & Audit Challenges" on 5/5/21.

In "Construction Industry Update", David discusses legislative updates, administrative process and audit issues and more.

In "Breaking Down Local Taxes: Compliance & Audit Challenges", David talks about the history of local sales and use taxes, nexus issues, home rule jurisdictions, remote sellers, sourcing of sales and more.

Founded in 1996 by sales and use tax expert, Diane Yetter, the Sales Tax Institute has been helping tax, finance and accounting professionals learn about the varied and nuanced world of sales and use tax. The Sales Tax Institute offers a wide range of learning options for all levels of experience including free online tools and resources to CPE eligible in-person live workshops and everything in between.

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