David A. Hughes - a man in a business suit, smiling at the camera
David A. Hughes
Chair | State and Local Tax Group

David A. Hughes Presents at the Sales Tax Institute 2023 Advanced Sales & Use Tax Workshop – 4/19 – 4/21

David A. Hughes - a man in a business suit, smiling at the camera
David A. Hughes
Chair | State and Local Tax Group

Join David A. Hughes for the 2023 Advanced Sales and Use Tax Workshop, hosted by the Sales Tax Institute, in San Diego, CA. David will present on several sales and use tax topics. See below for more information on his presentations.

Advanced Sales and Use Tax is an interactive sales tax workshop designed for sales tax specialists in corporate or consulting environments. This intensive workshop involves professional-led sessions, case study breakdowns, lively discussions and deep dives into advanced topics where we help solve your toughest sales and use tax issues. You can register for the workshop here.

“Sales Tax Resources to Make Your Job Easier”

4/19/23 | 9:00 – 11:00 AM PT

Sales tax-specific resources can change the game for a sales tax professional working as a part of a small team or a team of one. The time that can be saved by knowing the right resource to use can save tremendous effort and funds for the company. There are all sorts of resources available (free as well as for a fee), including those specific to tax research, monitoring tax law changes, nexus monitoring, audit support, data manipulation and networking.

David and his co-speakers will explore all the resources available to you. Come ready to share your go-to resources with the group!

“Industry Overview: Professional Services”

4/19/23 | 11:00 – 12:00 PM PT

During this session, David will provide an update on the professional services industry. He will share the latest legislative developments and state-specific sales tax updates.

“Consumer’s Use Tax Deep Dive”

4/19/23 | 2:00 – 2:45 PM PT

If you make a purchase of taxable property or services and the seller doesn’t collect sales tax on the transaction, you are required to pay consumer’s use tax in any jurisdiction where you have nexus.

David will cover commonly faced challenges such as goods movement issues and use tax accrual after claiming a temporary storage exemption. Learn about options such as direct pay authority and purchasing companies as ways to take control. Knowing your options and finding the right tool to fit your needs is key to paying the right amount of tax, every time.

David will also cover automation ideas from simple stand-alone solutions to integrated third-party tax engine solutions that can help reduce the time involved on this critical task.

Please feel free to reach out to David with questions or to request a copy of a presentation.

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