David A. Hughes Presents at COST’s Income Tax Conference & Spring Audit Session – 4/26/23

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Join David A. Hughes for COST’s Income Tax Conference and Spring Audit in New Orleans, LA. You can register for the event here. See below for more information on David’s presentation.

“Tiers of Joy? New Issues Related to Tiered Flow-Through Entity Structures”

10:25 - 11:25 AM CT | Ritz Carlton, New Orleans, LA

Partnership taxation and SALT are strange bedfellows. The flow-through of income and sometimes factors can lead to a potpourri of issues, exacerbated by the sale of a partnership interest itself. Add pass-through entity taxes to the mix and we are off to head-spinning races!

During this session, David and his co-speakers will explore oddities in the ownership and disposition of flow-through entities by corporations, other pass-through entities and individuals.

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