David A. Hughes and Samantha K. Breslow Moderate Various Topics at the Chicago Tax Club – 2/25/20

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Chicago, IL

David A. Hughes moderated "Staying Close to Home: An Update on Recent Illinois, Chicago and Cook County Developments". 2019 was a busy year at both the state and local level in Illinois. During this session, the presenters will review several pieces of significant new legislation including new rules for sales and use tax collection by remote sellers and marketplace facilitators, an expanded manufacturing exemption, a new parking tax, changed to the Chicago transaction tax, and an increased Chicago fee on ridesharing. This session will also discuss an important court decision concerning the Chicago amusement tax and streaming services.

Samantha K. Breslow moderated "Excel at Excel". In a follow-up to last year's interactive session, industry professionals discuss valuable Excel formulas such as INDEX, MATCH, SUMIF, SUMIFS as well as functions such as PivotTable and keyboard shortcuts.

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