Chris Lutz Provides Insight on Colorado’s Adoption of Market Based Sourcing to State Tax Notes

State Tax Notes 06/12/2018

An article published by State Tax Notes discusses Colorado's adoption of market-based sourcing.

State and Local Tax Attorney, Chris Lutz told Tax Analysts he's not surprised Colorado adopted market-based sourcing. It has become a trend among states over the past several years. He said many states think it's easier to find out where something is received or delivered rather than figuring out where a company's income-producing activity occurs.

"The tax will reflect the market and not where the activity is occurring, but market-based sourcing is not as simple as states are suggesting," he said.

The full article, "Colorado Follows Trend, Adopts Market-Based Sourcing," was written by Jad Chamseddine and published by State Tax Notes on June 7, 2018 for its subscribers.

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