Breen Schiller Discusses the Possible Ramifications of Kansas’ New Remote Seller Tax

Law360 Tax Authority 08/07/2019
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The Kansas Department of Revenue will require remote sellers to collect and remit tax on sales starting October 1st.

This change has small businesses worried. The change could mean a loss of business for the state. Breen Schiller, a member of HMB's State and Local Tax Group, spoke about the potential ramifications of Kansas' decision in Kan. To Tax All Remote Sellers Oct. 1, Without A Safe Harbor.

“If a company only generates a small amount of revenue from sales into Kansas, the administrative costs and costs of compliance might be more than what they are netting,” said Breen to Law360 Tax Authority in their article by Paul Williams.

Small Kansas businesses will only have a short time to prepare for this change come October. Read the full article on Law360 Tax Authority here (subscription required).

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