Breen Schiller Provides Insight on “Top 5 State Tax Cases of 2018” to Law 360

Law 360 07/10/2018

""Schiller said [regarding Labell v. Chicago] that while Chicago attached the streaming tax to its amusement tax, other jurisdictions will likely find their own ways to incorporate it if it is upheld. 'If they have a similarly situated tax where they can get away with it, definitely we are going to be seeing taxes like this,' Schiller said. 'I think Chicago is the first to do this, but kind of like the soda tax, it is something we are going to see rolling out.'""

Read the full article, ""Top 5 State Tax Cases of 2018: Midyear Report,"" written by Maria Koklanaris and published by Law 360 on July 6, 2018 for its subscribers.

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