Aaron Hammer and Rick Rein present “Hot Topics in Cross Border Restructurings” – 9/17/19

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Aaron L. Hammer
Chair | Bankruptcy Group
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Offices of Gowling WLG LLP
Toronto, Canada

Aaron Hammer and Rick Rein present "Hot Topics in Cross Border Restructurings" at the Offices of Gowling WLG LLP on September 17th. The discussion will include:

  1. The Role of Chief Restructuring Officers and Other Turnaround Professionals in Canadian Restructuring
    • Would Canadian restructurings benefit from an increased use of CROs, similar to the US market?
    • What barriers exist in Canada to further expanding the role of CROs?
  2. Flash Points in Today’s Cross Border Insolvencies
    • What are the most recent developments in U.S./Canada cross-border insolvencies and restructurings?
    • Is there a consensus amongst U.S. Courts as to the role and necessity of Chapter 15 ancillary proceedings and the application of international comity?
    • Are there any new tools under U.S. Law to help facilitate recoveries from foreign debtors?
  3. The Cannabis Space
    • A quick review of this quickly evolving industry in Canada and the U.S.
    • How are U.S. courts handling insolvencies or bankruptcies involving cannabis given the continuing prohibition under U.S. Federal Law?
    • Is there a cross-border business in Cannabis and, if so, what are the risks that impact the lenders and investors?

The exclusive event is by invitation only intended for lenders, turnaround professionals and financials advisors.

If you would like to attend, or have questions about Cross Border Restructurings, click here to contact Aaron and Rick.

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