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We are dedicated to offering strategic counsel to art collectors and their heirs, donors, family groups, charitable foundations, and non-profit organizations. As client advocates, we enhance the value and position of our clients' collections through a variety of strategic services that protect and enhance long-term personal and charitable interests and goals. Our attorneys are mindful of the challenges and opportunities presented throughout the lifecycle of a collection and believe that proper planning is key to successfully building, maintaining, and sharing a collection over time. We work with a variety of experts and specialists to provide comprehensive advice that is objective, confidential, and always client-focused. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:


For Collectors

  • Positioning a collection:
    Provenance, cataloging, exhibiting, publishing
  • Succession matters:
    Family considerations, tax-efficient planning, legacy planning
  • Disposition issues:
    Loaning, selling, donating, gifting
  • Charitable foundation planning:
    Strategic opportunities for family foundations and private museums

We work with art collectors and their heirs, family groups, advisors, dealers, curators, and non-profit organizations, providing a vast array of services which include:

  • Collection management, including cataloging, inventory, research, administration and accounting, appraisals, art insurance review (including coverage exceptions and provenance research), conservation and restoration, exhibition planning, and museum loan coordination
  • Tax and philanthropic estate planning, including income, sales, and estate tax advice and valuation services
  • Trust and charitable and family foundation planning, including the holding of collections in trusts
  • Disposition services, including museum and non-profit gifts and donations, as well as a variety of other disposition strategies involving auction houses, private dealers, galleries, and private sales, with the intent of ensuring a smooth, discrete, and value-enhanced process
  • Strategic financial planning, including long-term fiscal positioning and the assessment of a collection as an investment vehicle
  • Protection of a collection's value by addressing issues of provenance, title, and authenticity
  • Confidential philanthropic advocacy, including the negotiation of gifts and donations on behalf of the client
  • Non-profit relationship management with local and worldwide museums and institutions
  • Full collaboration with existing art advisors, financial and tax specialists, accountants, attorneys, brokers, and dealers
  • Philanthropic PR services, including the protection of client and family privacy, enhancement of a collection's profile, and multi-generational legacy strategy and planning
  • Other strategies which enhance value while promoting a client's enjoyment of a collection





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