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  • Illinois Corporate Income Tax- Financial Organizations

    Financial organizations in Illinois are required to follow different apportionment rules than general service providers. Prior to December 31, 2017, such businesses were also required to file separate unitary business returns from taxpayers that filed their income tax returns under the standard apportionment rules. Beginning with the tax year ending December 31, 2017, however, financial organizations must be included in the combined return with the entire unitary business group. It is therefore crucial for taxpayers to understand the nuances as to how to calculate the apportionment factor for financial organizations in Illinois.
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  • Wayfair and its Impact on Illinois’ Economic Nexus Legislation

    The Commerce Clause and interstate commerce were thrust into the spotlight last week, as the United States Supreme Court reversed the longstanding physical presence standard for sales tax nexus.
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  • Local Sourcing Rules for the Illinois Retailers’ Occupation Tax

    As we have discussed previously, Illinois localities have adopted a variety of unique taxes, such as the Chicago Personal Property Lease Transaction Tax, the Amusement Tax, and dozens more. Illinois localities may also impose a local option tax which is imposed in addition to the state Retailers' Occupation Tax ("ROT"). Illinois localities use a unique sourcing methodology. Whereas sales of tangible personal property to Illinois are subject to a destination-based sourcing method under the Illinois Use Tax Act, the local ROT is an origin-based tax. Exactly where a sale originates, however, has been a source of much debate.
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