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  • The FTC Cracks Down on Company Touting the Best Reviews Its Money Could Buy

    Social media has completely overhauled the way businesses market themselves, and has substantially elevated the importance and influence of online customer reviews. In its zeal to solicit positive online reviews, one company went too far, drawing the attention and ire of the Federal Trade Commission, which brought its first enforcement action aimed at curbing deceptive solicitations of positive online reviews.
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  • State Tax Credit and Incentive Update - September 2015

    This post continues a monthly series outlining updates in state tax credits and incentives; included here are legislative, gubernatorial and case law updates. While tax credits and incentives have their fair share of critics, they are a reality in today's competitive business environment in which states compete with each other for jobs and investment. Regardless of the criticisms, state tax credits and incentives benefit many kinds of entities in a number of different ways.
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  • Assessing the Risks of Pre-Suit Discovery in Switzerland

    The new Civil Procedure Code (CPC) entitles a party to apply to the court to secure evidence that could later be lost, where a statutory rule provides for the taking of such evidence or where an applicant can demonstrate a legitimate interest. The intent of the provision is to enable potential litigants to assess their trial chances ahead of having to lodge a court action.
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